We do like to be beside the sea-side, beside the sea!

We do like to be beside the sea-side, beside the sea!

The day had dawned sunny but as the Bugler coach drove away from St John’s Church on Thursday 15th June so it began to drizzle – oh, dear. However, we needn’t have worried because as we reached Limpley Stoke the driver turned the wipers off and, although the cows were still sitting down, the clouds began to break.

We all settled back to enjoy the journey to Weymouth via
Frome, Dilwen came around with sweeties, as well as bottles of water, so everyone relaxed. However, driving along a narrow road near Bruton the wing mirror of our coach had an argument with the wing mirror of a large white van. There was the sound of glass breaking. Our driver continued until eventually the white van came up behind us – the drivers then had a teté-a-teté, the outcome of which was that our driver had to telephone for a replacement coach. So then our journey followed a different route, ending at Podimore Services on the A303 to await said coach. It was, thankfully, an ideal time for a coffee stop!

Once on the road again the sun came out and we finally alighted in Weymouth at 1.30pm. It was a perfect seaside day – warm and sunny but not too hot and the Fish and Chip Shops were looking very welcoming indeed.

Everyone went their own way after Dilwen made sure we all had her mobile number – we were to reconvene at 4.30 for the journey home in time for the Corpus Christi Mass at 7.30pm.

I can now only speak for what we did. We made our way to the harbour, looked at the various types of boats whilst enjoying the sunshine. A very attractive ‘Traditional Fish & Chip shop caught our eye so we made our way over the bridge – the fish and chips were to die for – absolutely yummy!

We had to keep a good eye on the time but decided we did have time to walk as far as the famous clock, indulging in an ice cream cornet on the way. The journey back had no adventures on the way; so ended a perfect seaside day – sea, sun, sand, fish and chips and ice cream – who could ask for anything more!!

Thank you so much Dilwen and Maurice from two very satisfied customers.

Jenny & Gerry Jones

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