What’s Happening at St John’s?


Sung Mass (English Missal)

The principal service of the week, with plainsong and sermon, modern language, and traditional teaching, followed by breakfast.

Every Sunday at 9:00 AM for 1 hour

Coffee and Incense

Walsingham Prayers

The Walsingham cell group meets for prayers (usually the rosary). Newcomers are welcome. Tea afterwards.

Next: 4.45 pm on 10 March and 14 April  followed by Evensong and Benediction

Evensong and Benediction

The evening office, followed by the Rite of Benediction. On High Feasts there may be a Procession and Te Deum, with a reception afterwards. Usually, held twice a month.


A service at St John's

A service at St John’s


Low Mass

A mid-week celebration of the Eucharist

Every Thursday at 10:30 AM for ½ hour


  • Thursday 7th April at 12.45pm Christopher Rathbone (St. Margaret’s, Ilkley)
  • Thursday 5th May at 12.45pm James Scott (Bath Abbey)
  • Saturday 4th June at 7.00pm ‘Music for a Summer’s Evening’ to be played by members of Wiltshire & Bath Organists’ Association
  • Thursday 7th July at 12.45pm Robert Anderson (St. John’s, Bathwick)
  • Thursday 4th August at 12.45pm Timothy Easter (Harpenden)
  • Thursday 1st September at 12.45pm Keith Pigot (Christchurch, Bath)
  • Thursday 6th October at 12.45pm David Hyatt (St. John’s, Bathwick)

Admission is free, Retiring Collection.

St John's