Bathwick Benefice Youth Club

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This club meets every first Saturday in the month between 5.00pm and 7.30pm at St Mary’s Bathwick, Church Hall. It is open to all young people with association to St Mary’s or St John’s, Bathwick and aged School Year 4 and over. Subscription is £3.00 per person.

The youth club belongs to the young people who set their own club rules at the first meeting. The leaders are there to inspire, facilitate and keep them safe but within reason the members determine what they do.


There are plenty of things to do: table tennis, pool, playstation, lots of board and card games, football, badminton, rounders and more.

The leaders have plenty of games up their sleeves but if the members want to ‘chill’ with their friends everyone is happy.

A major feature is that at each meeting we have a shared meal. This has ranged from self-filled rolls, wraps or self topped pizzas to barbecue, chilli, pasta and cottage pie.

Having raised money at a cake sale to obtain a licence  to watch DVDs we must have a  film evening soon. This was popular last year with a Frozen Sing Along and the first part of the Hobbit.
We try and get out when possible, making use of the garden and using the local parks. We have also had a trip to the cinema.
Our meetings end similarly each time as we sit in a circle and pass a candle while sharing our own thoughts and problems.

All leaders have had an enhanced DBS check


Some of our memorable meetings (Click on date below)


Things we are thinking of doing

A walk (maybe sponsored) along the canal towpath to Bathampton and back? Maybe with some chips on the way?

A parish picnic in one of the local parks with invitation to all the rest of the congregation.

‘Pizzas in the Park’. A repeat of the meeting that we had last year which proved very popular with those who came. With games like football and rounders and then finished off with a good fill of Dominos Pizzas.

Having raised money with a cake sale towards a performing artists licence we need to have a film evening while we still have dark, winter nights before the lighter evenings let us get outside.

We are looking into the possibility of taking a small group to the Youth Pilgrimage at Walsingham.








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